I offer a small range of services based on my core areas of expertise, drawn from extensive professional experience, robust training, academic study and research, and underpinned by significant personal inner work.

My approach is based on the belief that we have all the resources we need to achieve our goals, to be empowered and inspired.

My role is to create the conditions for you to release creativity, connect to a sense of meaning and purpose, and achieve your objectives through a calm confidential listening space, supported by insightful questions, effective feedback and thoughtful challenge.


What is Coaching?

Simply put, coaching is a focused, intentional dialogue. Working with a coach can help you to achieve goals, gain clarity and make better decisions, find solutions to challenging problems, be more innovative and creative.

Talking things through and exploring your thinking with a skilled coach is one of the best ways to improve your effectiveness in any area of life, to take control of how you respond to events and to shape your destiny, both at work and in your personal life.

Working with a coach offers the opportunity to update and expand your thinking and open to a sense of possibility. Good coaching provides a sense of agency and empowerment.

My fundamental belief in coaching is that you already have all the resources you need to solve an issue, overcome a barrier or achieve your goal. My role as a coach is to sit alongside you, actively listening, offering effective feedback, asking insightful questions, and challenging deeply. I don’t need to have experience of your issue or your business. In fact, the fewer assumptions I have as a coach the better. Often the simplest questions are the most powerful.

Coaching is usually focused on specific issues and is time-limited (i.e. a fixed number of sessions).


How does it work?

I provide support through Practice Supervision to external and internal coaches, OD practitioners, organisational consultants and other change agents. I have a special interest in working with people working in complex systems. I aim to provide a safe reflective and learning space for practitioners to debrief and explore their work, work through ethical dilemmas, improve their practice and learn and grow as practitioners. 

Supervision is usually ongoing, at an interval that suits your practice and development needs. I work one to one and run regular open and closed supervision groups. I pioneered the Supervision Café, which is a relaxed and creative group space for those new to coaching and supervision. Look out for the next Supervision café on LinkedIn.


How does it work?

I offer Leader and Executive Reflection to a range of senior people, usually at Director level, including CEOs and Non-execs – to explore organisational, systemic, relational, ethical and personal challenges in their work.

Executive reflection recognises that leadership can be a place of vulnerability and often loneliness.

I offer my expertise as a trusted expert partner, offering you a safe and confidential space for reflection.

Executive Reflection differs from coaching in that it is not restricted to a set number of sessions and is not focused on a narrow set of goals or objectives. Instead, it offers a regular space for deep, intentional enquiry into your work.

Reflective Partner Support – I offer specialised support as a reflection partner to political leaders who face a complex range of personal, ethical, organisational, social and systemic issues in their work. I also provide pastoral supervision/reflective practice facilitation to a wide range of people working in caring roles and professions, including spiritual leaders, clergy and laypeople involved in pastoral support roles.

I offer one to one and group reflective practice to support the development of people engaged in caring, spiritual and pastoral roles as reflective practitioners and to help them to explore issues arising from their work; additionally to support wellbeing and combat the stress and isolation that can sometimes arise in working in such roles.


How does it work?

I provide facilitation of groups, teams and organisations – from developing third sector boards, supporting strategy development in small business and working with dysfunctional teams in the public sector. I use an OD (Organisation Development) approach, co-developing solutions with you and your team, engaging staff and assets within your organisation to ensure ownership of solutions.

I offer a select range of training offers and masterclasses that are linked to my core practice of coaching, coaching supervision and reflective practice, which aim to develop, refresh and empower practitioners.


I have worked with Trish on a number of occasions now and I always come away from our session feeling re-energised and focussed on the task in hand. Trish has a great calming influence on what is often a choppy sea.

Lynder Mathieson, Senior Leadership & Performance Coach

Trish has been my supervisor for the last two years. She provides the perfect space for me to reflect and work on my case material and more importantly myself and the challenges I am facing as a coach and business owner. Trish listens deeply and from multi perspectives and so helps me explore and consider my work in the context of the system within which we are both operating. Occasionally and, it seems, only when necessary she will impart some deep wisdom which always challenges me to think and reflect wider. I really enjoy my sessions with her and always leave clear, refreshed and resourced. I would strongly recommend Trish for coaching supervision

Dave Stitt, Author & Executive Team Coach

I have hugely benefitted from Trish's skill, knowledge and ability as a tremendous coach. Through the process I received the time, space and insight to process my thinking and to regain balance that has resulted in me being more engaged, enthusiastic and joyful in all areas of my life. Trish's expertise and calming approach supported me in challenging my habits and thinking to develop a way of managing a busy lifestyle that enhances my relationships, sense of self and supports my professional development. Thank you.

Sam Patterson, Executive Coach & Training Specialist

I found Trish to be a naturally talented and highly experienced coach. She took me through the coaching sessions in a way that was very comfortable for me, even though we touched on some really deep issues. I always felt safe as Trish helped me to discover some really helpful insights into myself. I am now in the process of rebalancing some aspects of my life and exploring new avenues in light of the revelations we discovered together. A mind-shift was all it took and I have Trish to thank for that.

Janice Ross, Janice Ross Ltd

I have attended Trish’s Supervision Cafe several times and always found them valuable and safe spaces to explore issues that arise in my coaching practice, as well as providing an opportunity to learn from other participants’ experiences. Trish is an excellent facilitator, drawing on her experience and knowledge to guide the sessions gently and encourage reflection on various aspects of practice. The sessions always feel comfortable and relaxed yet are thought-provoking. Trish creates a learning space that is welcoming and warm, fostering the right environment for considering challenges. I would highly recommend the Supervision Cafes to anyone seeking a space to learn, develop and reflect on their coaching practice.

Dr Julie Scanlon, LGBT Consultant, Trainer and Coach

I found your skill, expertise and ability to be exceptional whilst your style was relaxing and engaging. I found the alignment exercise to be particularly effective and it has triggered certain key goals for me to work on both in terms of self development but also business development. I have met many coaches over the past couple of years some good, many unfortunately not so good. Few that I have met have the understanding and capability that you exhibited to me. I thank you for your help and look forward to benefiting from your service again in the near future.

Clive Allan, Clive Allan Consultancy

Trish is a skilled coach who always takes the time to analyse client needs carefully and fully. She adds value to the process by developing clear strategies and enabling the client to find solutions………I found her interventions very helpful.

Christina Langley, Langley Search

Trish has a wonderful insight into people. She has a very gentle and effective way of working with people to help to get the most out of them and to help them achieve the goals in life and business.

John Spiers, Head of RIC Symbology, Reuters

Working with Trish was both a pleasure and rewarding experience. The coaching supervision she provided supported effective reflection in my coaching approach through specific examples and general approach to my work with coaching clients. I would recommend Trish to any coach who wants to gain a deeper level of understanding of how you influence the coaching experience for your clients and how this can lead to more effective coaching practice.

Phil Hayden, Consultant and Non-Exec Director

When Trish coaches, she manages to illuminate your 'blind spots'. With insightful questions and relevant metaphors and parallels Trish allows you to find the answers that are right for you, and often right in front of you. The impact on my performance, after only a couple of session has been immeasurable - her gentle questioning has changed the way I think, and more than that, has led to me taking the action to do what I've always wanted to do - write a book.

Joyce Matthews FRSA

Trish is an excellent coach supervisor. She provides both support and challenge, and is able to open up other's creativity and insight. Every conversation I had with Trish provided me with something fresh. Strongly recommended!

Chrissie Bedwin, Director


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