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Personal Development/LifeCoaching for Mature Women

I work with mature women to help them navigate life changes, work through the challenges different life roles can create, and achieve their true, authentic life.

Change happens…and when it is not purposely sought, it can be a real challenge. Working with me as your coach, you can explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe space, gain clarity about what you really want, and learn some essential tools and techniques to achieve the success you desire.

Many of my clients are successful women from their mid-40s onwards (there’s no upper age limit, by the way, we keep on learning and growing forever!). For most, work, career or business is an important facet of their lives. There is a familiar cycle which many of them describe to me when I first meet them. They have become stuck… and they may feel trapped, dizzy, out of control, unhappy… kor all of the above. They may simply feel bored, tired, with a sense that life is passing them by, or that they have lost sight of what is important to them. Sometimes they say they don’t really feel in touch with themselves in the way they did previously…. The phrase ‘work/life balance’ doesn’t begin to cover it.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Business or work challenges become more frequent at the same time you are experiencing relationship problems…family issues with your children and/or parents impact on your work, and increased levels of stress result in some health challenges which impact on your work performance and relationships. Without knowing how, life suddenly seems very different from what you planned or expected. Your levels of confidence and self belief can take a huge battering. It can seem like all your familiar landmarks and reference points have changed or disappeared.

As your coach, I will walk alongside you on the journey as you face your challenges, helping and supporting you, and also teaching you the skills to listen deeply to your own intuitive sense, so that you can achieve more than you ever dreamed would be possible.

Whatever your starting point, I can help you navigate your way ahead, supporting you to meet new challenges in your life.

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