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LIFEcycles Coaching Programme

LIFEcycles is a unique deep coaching programme designed to help you align all of your inner resources, becoming the fully authentic person you were born to be.

I developed this process, over many years of my own personal growth and development, based on using a unique individual map of potential…a blend of ancient wisdom combined with the most up to date coaching techniques and research into neuroscience.

Working with the LIFECycles process is like convening the full Council of YOU – gaining access to all of the parts of you – both owned and in the Shadow, to help you to move through difficulty and challenge, access all your unique resources and gifts, and create more of the life you want.

The process can produce deep shifts in awareness, enhanced self-understanding, resolution of inner conflicts, connection with inner gifts and creativity, and healing at all levels.

Application for the process involves an initial Discovery Session with Trish, please contact me

LIFEcycles programmes include half-day Introduction to LIFEcycles, full-day LIFEcycles Immersion Sessions, and group and individual programmes over 9 to 12 months.