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Business Consultancy

Getting your people to work well together in a way that is fully aligned with your vision, helping the business to grow and helping you to achieve your goals as well as creating the right sort of work/life balance for you can be challenging, so in addition to coaching, I offer a blend of supporting services, including consultancy and bespoke training.

My consultancy style is process-based, which means that I work with you very closely to identify your questions, and the outcomes you desire. My work is based on an Organisational Development (OD) approach, a model that really has people, and engagement, at its heart.  That means change initiatives that I work on with you are embedded and lasting.

Bringing together all of my areas of expertise, I am increasingly developing work supporting organisations to develop internal coaching programmes, providing consultancy, supervision and ongoing CPD provision to allow your organisation to create robust, generative and creative frameworks to support effective change and growth.

To support the consultancy work I do with you, I work with associates, so that we can offer you the best solution and range of expertise that we possibly can. See my other website www.cadenzaassociates.co.uk to find out more.


What my clients say about me

“Trish facilitated with clear attention and responsive, listening tone, taking time to gain a clear  and  detailed understanding of company’s needs. She was thoughtful, thorough and insightful, showing sensitivity and intelligence in her responses and choice of activity. Trish led us through an exercise which was appropriate and powerful. We had a sense of being taken on a journey in which we were leaders and followers in equal measure, through layers of identity to the simplicity at the heart of who we are as a company. Trish’s perceptive, containing energy was balanced with her ability to give space where it was needed – she knew when to listen and when to interject.

“We have come away from the experience with more clarity about what we are happy with and some key issues that need our attention. We all appreciated the balance between freedom and structure and valued the time to reflect.

Directors, The Bare Toed Company 

Trish helped us to stay focussed when planning our event so that the outcome was clear and targeted. She supported delivery on the day to ensure everyone enjoyed a high quality, timely sessions that was meaningful and memorable

Alison Nutter, Wingate Family Centre